Thursday, October 23, 2008

Right or Wrong?

As Christians I strongly believe that we have an obligation to stand up for what is right....but what does it mean to "stand up for" and when does it cross the line. When is it doing the right thing and when is it being too rigid.

I'm taking an Apologetics class and, this weekend, as part of one of my assignments, I had to write about the obligation that, as Christians, we have to defend that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. Hard stance, yeah....does believing this mean that those who don't will go to Hell? NO, believing it doesn't mean that....that reality exists whether you believe the statement or not. It's pretty black and either believe in and follow Christ and enter the kingdom of Heaven or you don't and you go to Hell. No gray...very clear!! Why then is it that some of our Christian leaders have a hard time making that harsh statement?? I understand that many just don't want to be considered as judging people and I fully agree that a persons salvation is God's choice and I dare not question his decision....but, he didn't give us the Bible and tell us the truth about Jesus so that we could let our brothers perish (go to Hell) simply because we refused to take a hard stance and explain to them why Jesus is the only way to fact our "Great Commission" is to do just that!

Anyway, that was a bit more of a tangent than I had intended but, to the point, God is very black and shouldn't we also be? I guess that depends on the question, problem or situation...or does it?? Isn't there usually a very clear right and a very clear wrong? I realize that we receive and should give grace, but that doesn't take away the issue as being either right or wrong, good or bad. Truthfully, I have no idea what the answer to that question is...I have my opinions but I realize that maybe I'm wrong.

I'd love to hear any thoughts??

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hey girl just realized you had this awesome blog! We wll deffintely keep up with it.